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Eli Manning Offers Harrowing Look at World We Live In

Kyle Koster

There was room for Eli Manning on the Today Show's third hour for the former quarterback to promote something. Which I think was Frank's RedHot, a fine product people put on everything. At one point he said the following, which elicited incredulous laughter from Al Roker and a sober dose of reality to anyone else trying to make sense of our current world.

"During this time right now, through February 13, as you're eating your chicken wings, if you scan a picture of your chicken wing bone you can earn what's called bone coins," Manning said. "Whoever earns the most bone coins can win this NFT. It's a real NFT, a digital one, and then also they'll ship you an edible NFT that you can eat."

Imagine being out somewhere, enjoying some delicious wings and light beer with a few friends. Then imagine one member of the party posing their discarded chicken bones for a photoshoot. Then imagine allowing the curiosity taking over and asking what's going on. Then pushing further to understand the end game. Then hearing Manning's exact words repeated to you in earnest.

We live in wild times. The ways of this new world are very confusing and things are moving too fast.