Eli Manning's Advice to Daniel Jones: 'Throw It to the Guy Wearing the Same Jersey'

Stephen Douglas
Buffalo Bills v New York Giants
Buffalo Bills v New York Giants / Al Bello/Getty Images

Eli Manning is taking his demotion like a [2-time Super Bowl] champ. Manning spoke to reporters today for the first time since he learned Daniel Jones would be the new starting quarterback of the New York Giants. Manning said that he wasn't happy to lose his job, but being a mentor to Jones is part of the deal. Asked about his no-trade clause, Manning said that he was taking things day-to-day and learning to run the scout team. Then he revealed the sage advice that he shared with Jones.

This is incredible advice coming from one of the most prolific interception-throwers in NFL history. Eli is the league's active leader in career picks. He has thrown 241 interceptions in 234 career games. He's 6 picks ahead of Drew Brees who has played in 33 more games. Eli needs 10 to catch his brother and reincarnation to overtake Brett Favre.

Don't for a second think you've seen the last of Eli Manning just because he'll never catch Favre.

Watch your back, Daniel Jones! Errant footballs could come your way from the scout team quarterback whether he means to or not.