Eli Manning's Twitter Reaction to a Philly Fan in a Santa Hat Flashing the Double-Bird on FOX Broadcast


The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Football Team on Tuesday night. The game was played in Philadelphia which meant there were many Philly fans in attendance. During the fourth quarter FOX showed the crowd with one Philly fan flipping off the camera giving America the double birds.

Back in September, in the early days of the ManningCast, Eli Manning described playing in Philadelphia by saying that 9-year old kids would give him the double-bird. He then flipped off the camera and had to apologize a few minutes later. Anyway, with this Eagles fan confirming his story, he took to Twitter to let everyone know he was right.

The one caveat would have to be that this was clearly an adult. At least by non-Philly standards. When you live in a city that dark and gritty, maybe that's what the 9-year olds look like.