Eli Manning, New York Giants Sued For Passing Off Fake Memorabilia to Collectors, Hall of Fame

Stephen Douglas

orabilia that has been sold and even sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. According to a lawsuit, Manning and the Giants have been passing items off as game-worn so that Eli could keep the items for himself. The suit alleges that equipment manager Joe Skiba, locker-room manager Ed Wagner Jr. and dry cleaner Barry Barone were heavily involved. From the New York Post:

"According to the lawsuit, Joe Skiba told [Eric] Inselberg [the sports collector bringing the suit] that he “created fraudulent memorabilia at the direction of the Giants’ management and players,” including Manning. For years, the Giants operated a racket in which they “repeatedly engaged in the distribution of fraudulent Giants memorabilia,” Inselberg claims. They then “coerced and intimidated” Wagner and the Skibas “into lying to the FBI about it,” the suit alleges."

Some of the doctored items have even ended up in the Giants’ Legacy Club in MetLife Stadium. So basically, the Giants even ripped off the Giants. The allegations include claims that Manning asked Joe Skiba for a game worn helmet in 2005 that he then signed and put on the market claiming it was from his rookie year. The suit alleges “civil-racketeering, breach-of-contract, malicious-prosecution and trade.” No word on whether or not Eli was planning to take any of the items on Pawn Stars or was just going to wait for the American Pickers to show up.