Eli Manning is Too Busy to Attend a Fan's Wedding, But Sends Letter

Bobby Burack

Eli Manning got benched this past season, and his future with the Giants as the starter is in doubt, but he is still popular enough to be invited to a fan’s wedding.

Reddit user posted that his friend – a random fan – invited Eli to his wedding, and shockingly enough, Eli responded with a note on the RSVP in time:

The user added:

“I figured you guys would appreciate this. Just like me, my buddy is a huge Giants fan. He’s getting married in a few weeks and he decided to write Eli a two page hand written letter inviting him. None of us actually expected him to respond but we should have known better. What an absolute class act. Completely made my friends day and he’s on his way to frame it right now.”

Even though Eli “declines with regret,” he wishes this fan “much happiness”.

Hey, at least this couple won’t be paying for an unused plate at the reception.


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