VIDEO: Eli Manning and Daniel Jones Play Flip Cup in Hoboken With Yellowcard Blasting

Kyle Koster
Daniel Jones and Eli Manning play flip cup.
Daniel Jones and Eli Manning play flip cup. /

Daniel Jones had a big day in the pocket, throwing for five touchdowns as the New York Giants outlasted the Washington Redskins in overtime. And how does a team celebrate getting to 4-11? By hitting the bars in Hoboken to do what broskis do: get a game of flip cup going.

This 11-second clip of Jones, Eli Manning and others getting down to business while Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue blasts in the background is truly heartwarming. And I'm not being sarcastic.

This pretty much sums up the college experience for every basic dude of a certain age. Like, I'm struggling to remember a formative moment in my life when Yellowcard wasn't playing.

Here's hoping Jones' lackluster skills were thoroughly roasted by his crew because that's some weak sauce performance right there. But he's a rookie. He'll learn. They always learn.

Also, did Manning cheat? Certainly looks like he did.