Ed Werder: Cowboys Expected to Part Ways With Jason Garrett Soon, No Other Role With Team

Ryan Glasspiegel
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Jason Garrett execution is taking forever. Earlier today, Ed Werder reported that Cowboys employees "have begun to wonder if Garrett is going to have a role with the 2020 Cowboys - whether as head coach or in another capacity." Welp, not so fast, says Werder nine hours later:

This "abundance of care and respect" has interesting business implications. What if waiting this long caused them to miss out on their preferred candidate? Ron Rivera, for example, has already been hired by Washington. And if they have zeroed in on a different replacement and arranged a back-channeled deal with him, then that's not exactly treating Garrett's situation with an "abundance of care and respect" either. Further, making him twist this long costs him the opportunity to pursue another opening.

I get that Jerry Jones really does run the Cowboys as a family business but this whole saga is bizarre.