Ed Werder is Back With ESPN

Bobby Burack

Longtime NFL reporter Ed Werder has been rehired by ESPN. Werder, who was laid off by the company in 2017, told NBC’s Peter King he had hoped there would be a reunion and said the move shows ESPN is emphasizing journalism:

"“It says they’re emphasizing good journalism. I really feel relieved that we’ve reached a deal, and it’s final, and now it’s just the excitement of doing the job that I know I can do—and justifying the expectations that I have created for myself. I intend to.”"

Werder was a part of around 100 layoffs at ESPN in May 2017. He previously spent 17 years there appearing across various platforms such as NFL Live and SportsCenter. Even with a long list of NFL talents, Werder will provide value to ESPN’s coverage as a connected Cowboys reporter.

According to King, Werder latest stint may even consist of more than just covering professional football: “Werder may cover more sports than football, and teams other than the Cowboys, the organization he regularly broke news on during his years there.”