Ed Reed Roasts Charley Casserly

Kyle Koster

Ed Reed created a bit of a stir at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game last night by wearing a T-shirt memorializing the victims of police shootings. In a slightly less controversial moment, he took the opportunity to deliver a zinger at NFL Network’s Charley Casserly.

Reed isn’t mad that Casserly, who was general manager of the Houston Texans in 2002, took David Carr with the first overall pick. He’s actually laughing about it.

Reed went 24th to the Baltimore Ravens and the rest is history.

Casserly, of course, was not the only general manager to pass on Reed. It’s also incredible revisionist history to suggest the Miami safety was ever considered a realistic option to go at No. 1.

Oh well. Let us never let critical thinking get in the way of pettiness.