Ed Orgeron is Now a Television Character Thanks to 'Young Rock'

Young Ed Orgeron on NBC.
Young Ed Orgeron on NBC. /

Young Rock premiered on NBC on February 16th. We're just four episodes into the series and Dwayne Johnson has already found his way to the University of Miami, which is surprisingly a much quicker path than Young Sheldon is taking to college. Unsurprisingly, only one character will run into current LSU Tigers head football coach Ed Orgeron.

Orgeron was the defensive line coach at Miami from 1988 to 1992. He helped recruit Johnson to The U. Orgeron made quite an impression. Warren Sapp says he inspired many of The Rock's catchphrases and he appeared on the latest episode of Young Rock to tell him how special he was.

On the show, Orgeron is played by Emmett Skilton. He's a little easy to understand, but you get the point.

Someone is really going to need to check this show out. For some reason Orgeron showed up while a future version of the The Rock was being interviewed by Kenny Smith.

(H/T Awful Announcing)