Ed Orgeron to UCLA Fan: 'Bring Your Ass On In Your Little Sissy Blue Shirt'

Liam McKeone
Ed Orgeron
Ed Orgeron /

LSU will kick off their 2021 season tonight against UCLA on FOX at 8:30. Their 2020 season was a big letdown after the Joe Burrow-led euphoria of 2019, but as long as Ed Orgeron is there, the Tigers will be entertaining if anything.

Orgeron arrived at the Rose Bowl this afternoon in his usual cheery, Southern-accented fashion. Jacques Doucet of WFAB in Louisiana videotaped Coach O strolling in and caught an interaction he had with a heckling UCLA fan.

It's a painfully Coach O interaction. Not backing down from some random fan, using some light cursing that comes across too jovial given the way he says it, the whole nine yards.

The best part of this video might be the very large police officer acting as Orgeron's security gesturing at his muscles while staring pointedly at the fan. It is unclear if he's doing so to demonstrate the dominance of LSU football or to show the fan exactly what's waiting for him should he decide to try and get close to Coach O. Either way, tremendous content from an unexpected source.