Ed Orgeron Tells His Team That Bryant-Denny Is Their House Now

Kyle Koster
LSU v Alabama
LSU v Alabama / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

LSU jumped out to a large lead over Alabama and hung on for all 60 minutes to emerge with a 46-41 victory, easily the biggest of Ed Orgeron's tenure in Baton Rouge. The Tigers are now in the driver's seat for the College Football Playoff and are envisioning a national championship.

There will be plenty of time to think about all that. The time immediately after the colossal road win is to take stock of the triumphant ground where the biggest road took place. And according to Orgeron, LSU now owns Bryant-Denny.

I am not an expert on the transfer of deeds, but this can't be the way it works, right? Otherwise, why would there be so many real estate agents and lawyers? Surely there's more paperwork involved than just saying it.

Oh well. We can sort out the details later.