Eagles Mascot Swoop Picks Up New Coach Nick Sirianni at the Airport

Swoop / Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Nick Sirianni is the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles as of yesterday. Today Coach Sirianni flew into Philadelphia on a private jet. Upon arrival he was greeted by general manager Howie Roseman and Swoop, the Eagles mascot. That's how you know Swoop is a good friend. He will pick you up at the airport.

Anyone else find this seriously weird? Was there someone inside the costume that knows Sirianni? What other reason would there be for a bro hug? Or, you know, for the mascot to be there in the first place? Sirianni is a full grown adult. There is no reason for the coach to have a personal relationship with the mascot unless this is a marketing strategy that was worked into the contract negotiations. Was Doug Pederson fired because of results on the field or chemistry issues with Swoop off the field? After seeing this, I think that's a fair question to ask.

Meanwhile, Sirianni has been working hard to put together his coaching staff. If this tweet is any indication, it's just Sirianni at different points during quarantine.

Perhaps one of those guys was the one in the Swoop costume. That might explain everything.