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Bucs-Eagles Referees Somehow Miss Most Blatant Late Hit of All Time

Liam McKeone
Eagles-Bucs late hit
Eagles-Bucs late hit /

The first weekend of the 2021 NFL playoffs has not exactly been a clinic in terms of how to officiate games well. Raiders-Bengals, so far the best game of the first round, is marred by an errant whistle controversy that the league is just trying to brush under the rug. Bucs-Eagles brought us yet another example of refereeing malpractice that was significantly less impactful than the Vegas-Cincy mistake but equally as egregious for different reasons.

The Eagles finally scored their first touchdown of the day in the early fourth quarter after going down 31-0. Bucs returner Jaelon Darden caught the ensuing kickoff and returned it to about the 20 yard-line. He then went down on one knee before getting smashed by an Eagles defender on a comically late hit that, upon replay, was also a helmet-to-helmet hit.

And yet! No flag!

It's just nuts. This game is very over and nobody loses anything based off the flag, but it's horrific officiating. A total joke. Hard to understand how the NFL puts out this kind of product during its most prolific period.

If the trend continues, we'll have another one or two of these blogs before the week's games are over. The refs are bad this year!