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Jordan Mailata Destroyed a Falcons' Safety On the Early Block of the Season

By Stephen Douglas
Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp
Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Jordan Mailata is a very big man, standing 6-foot-8 and weighing somewhere around 350 pounds. The former rugby player from Sydney, Australia showed off that large adult son vibe on Sunday when he helped spring Jalen Reagor for a 4th quarter touchdown.

The poor soul that Mailata crushed on this play was Atlanta's 6-foot, 200 pounds afety, Richie Grant.

That's the kind of football collision that will make you reconsider your job choice. And it's exactly what the Eagles dreamed of when they drafted a guy who had never played American football in the 2018 NFL Draft. Please call more plays that get Mailata out in space.