Insane Eagles Fans Want Heads to Roll After One Loss

Kyle Koster
Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles brought the surviving members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins great joy by dropping a Monday Night Football game to the Washington Commanders. An eight-game winning streak to begin the year was bound to end at some time, what with the general parity of the NFL and some pretty obvious indicators that Nick Sirianni's team is not exactly an unstoppable buzzsaw destined to go 20-0.

Good luck telling that to local fans still riding high from a National League pennant and Joel Embiid's 59-point masterpiece. Because, in a very on-brand move, nearly half of polled Eagles fans are actually suggesting that defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon be fired after the first loss of the year.

This scientific data courtesy of a poll put up by the WIP Morning Show at 7:23 a.m., the exact moment when people dried off from their shower and let the first defeat of the year sink in.

Just imagine if the franchise did this. Lose one game halfway into the year and get fired. What type of message would that send? God, sports radio is the best.

Taylor Heinicke had a decent night and the Commanders established the run. It wasn't a breakout performance by the Eagles' defense. But really it was the four turnovers from Jalen Hurts' offensive unit that spelled doom. Maybe the offensive coordinator should be fired too. Let's put all available options on the table to try to fix this sinking ship.