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Jalen Hurts Compares Moving on From Cowboys Loss to Flushing a Deuce

Stephen Douglas
Jalen Hurts
Jalen Hurts /

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagle handily on Monday Night Football, 41-21. The Eagles gained just 12 first downs to Dallas' 27 and Jalen Hurts threw two interceptions, including a pick-six. After the game Hurts took responsibility for the loss and compared the game to poop.

Has anyone ever dressed so nicely to talk about taking a dump? Aside from maybe whatever doctor had to tell the press that the Malaysian Prime Minister was hospitalized with diarrhea?

The Eagles better figure some stuff out quickly because their next four games are against the Kansas City Chiefs, undefeated Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and undefeated Las Vegas Raiders. Hurts and the Eagles could be headed back to the bathroom quite often over the next month.