Eagles Fan Sneaks Into Doug Pederson's Press Conference, Asks Question, Gets Ejected

Stephen Douglas
Doug Pederson had a fan ejected from his press conference.
Doug Pederson had a fan ejected from his press conference. / Screengrab

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys, 17-9, on Sunday to move into first place in the NFC East. After the game Doug Peterson was asked about Eli Manning and the New York Giants in week 17. The only problem is that Eli won't be starting and the guy who asked was just some (presumably) drunk fan who wandered into the press conference.

Pederson immediately asked for credentials and had the guy and his friend kicked out, but not before the guy asked if he could finish his question. As the men walked to the door Pederson joked that this would be on SportsCenter.

Another interesting aspect of this incident is this wide shot which shows multiple people at the press conference in Eagles jerseys. Bloggers, am I right?

Then there's the discussion of the incident from Eagles Postgame Live on NBC Sports Philadelphia. Pro Football Hall of Fame writer Ray Didinger explained that when Jerry Jones first bought the Cowboys, fans from the really expensive seats were invited to the coach's press conference.

And why shouldn't they be? Bill Belichick could dismiss basic questions about playing harder in front of a larger, more rowdy audience just as easily.