Eagles Fan Has Phillie Phanatic Tattooed On Belly

Stephen Douglas
Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons
Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

They say that Philadelphia sports fans are different, but that's just talk, right? All sports fans are insane in their own ways. There's just... hold on does that guy have a Phillie Phanatic tattoo on his stomach where the nose is the belly button? Never mind.

This guy is a something. Usually, you see an Eagles fan in an opposing stadium, you don't think much about it. The Eagles are a pretty popular team. As of January, they had the 12th most likes of any NFL team on Facebook. They've been good enough at various times and had players exciting enough during those eras to have fans of just about any age.

But this guy? This guy lives in Philadelphia. You don't get the Phillie Phanatic tattooed on your stomach and live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania or Appleton, Wisconsin. And you don't travel to Wisconsin on a Thursday unless you're a crazy Philadelphia football fan. Just no one ask him where the Rocky tattoo is.