Philadelphia Eagles Attempt Terrible Fake Field Goal Before the Half

William Pitts
Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles
Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Eagles did not have a good first half. Despite their early struggles on both sides of the ball, they managed to make it 24-10 near halftime, and were in position to make it a little more respectable with a Josh Elliott field goal that would have cut the deficit to eleven.

They didn't kick a field goal. Instead they did...this.

We're not even sure what Doug Pederson was thinking here. This was no accident; this was clearly designed to be a fake field goal, and yet even if it was successful, what on earth would it have accomplished other than maybe giving Carson Wentz one more pass play? There were twenty seconds left in the half. Only one player - Dallas Goedert - is running a passing route, and yet it's roughly ten yards to the outside on the short side of the field and barely good enough for a first down, never mind a touchdown.

The execution left much to be desired, too. Even though eight players were assigned to block - basically, everyone but Elliott, holder/punter Cameron Johnston, and Goedert - they failed to give the beleaguered Elliott enough time, forcing him to throw a panicked pass to avoid having his head knocked off. At least give your non-quarterback a chance on the only pass he'll ever throw in a game, guys. Hard to understand what the end-game was in this scenario.