Eagles-49ers Ratings Part of a Huge Championship Sunday

Kyle Koster
Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The NFC Championship Game was effectively over once every quarterback ever associated with the San Francisco 49ers suffered a brutal injury. But it appears that there was enough weird and wild stuff happening to keep audiences tuned in as Fox Sports released a favorable ratings report for the Philadelphia Eagles' cakewalk victory, which drew 47.5 million viewers.

The bullet points:

FOX's most-watched telecast of any kind since last year's NFC Championship

Peaked at 52.3 million viewers from 5:15-5:30 PM ET

Second most-streamed NFL game in FOX Sports history

It's an impressive number, just nowhere near the one CBS posted in the late window. Which means one network will have all-important bragging rights at the next big television dinner.

Combined, this was the most-watched Championship Sunday in nine years. Football!