Dwyane Wade Supports Nebraska, Fulfills Marriage Obligations

The Wright Foundation Skate Night
The Wright Foundation Skate Night / Cassy Athena/Getty Images

Dwyane Wade is now retired and has a lot of time to do whatever he'd like. For the first time in what I imagine is a very long time, he won't be spending the early weeks of fall preparing for the new season. On Saturday, he decided to make a trip up to Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife Gabrielle Union for College GameDay ahead of the Cornhuskers' big matchup with Ohio State.

Union is a gigantic Nebraska football fan, was born in Omaha, and told ESPN back in 2012, "In my family if you couldn’t talk Cornhusker football -- that means knowing the black shirt defense, knowing the I-back formation -- then you don’t get to have an opinion." She was a natural choice to be the celebrity guest to appear with the College GameDay crew. Wade, on the other hand, went to Marquette. He still tagged along with Union on Saturday, and gave the correct answer when asked if he was supporting his wife's team.

Smart guy.