This Is Proof Dwyane Wade Didn't Know LeBron James Was Joining the Miami Heat

Kyle Koster
Everyone hearing this news.
Everyone hearing this news. / Harry How/Getty Images

LeBron James' decision was one of those true where-where-you-when sports moments. Taking his talents to South Beach changed the landscape of his own career and the overall trajectory of the NBA as it birthed the superteam. Most of us remember July 8, 2010 quite well, including our emotions leading up to the big reveal.

Dwyane Wade's story is that he, like the rest of the world, had no idea what his friend was going to say. Here's a clip of him watching the special, talking about how nervous he is about it all.

As social media captions goes, this one is elite. Because, folks, there are going to be so many people who refuse to believe Wade didn't have advance knowledge of the decision.

The Miami Heat would lock up Wade and Chris Bosh within hours of James announcing his intention to change teams. Pretty impressive on-the-fly maneuvering if this was, in fact, all a big secret.

Whatever you believe to the the truth, it's interesting to consider just how different things were a decade ago. The Decision was especially riveting because it hadn't been spoiled. There was no leakage. The explosion in interest and social media makes it impossible to replicate.

If it happened now a burner purporting to be a janitor at the Boys & Girls Club in Greenwich would make an Instagram story claiming to have the scoop and all heck would break loose. Truly simpler times.