Dwight Howard Taiwanese 3-Point Contest Performance Better Than Julius Randle and Kevin Huerter

Stephen Douglas
TaiwanBeer HeroBears v Taoyuan Leopards - T1 League
TaiwanBeer HeroBears v Taoyuan Leopards - T1 League / Gene Wang/GettyImages

Dwight Howard was the MVP of the T1 League All-Star Game on Tuesday, scoring 37 points in the exhibition. In addition to dominating the game, he also participated in the three-point contest because why wouldn't he? And wouldn't you know it, Dwight did OK. He did not advance to the second round, but he didn't have the lowest score either.

Dwight's 15 was better than two of the other competitors and if you think back to NBA 3-Point Contest, you might recall that 15 wouldn't have been the worst score that night either. Julius Randle had 13 and Kevin Huerter only managed eight. (If you want to watch the full highlights of the NBA's first round and hear Reggie Miller say "his money rack is the last rack" and "he needs this one" over and over, click that link. Though I really advise against it.)

Before you make too many jokes about Randle and Huerter, just know that when last we saw Howard in an NBA jersey, he was turning himself into a real marksman. After attempting just 68 three-pointers in his first 16 seasons he shot 35 combined in his last two years in the NBA, culminating in making 8-of-15 in the '21-'22 season. He also added one postseason three-pointer (out of seven total) to his resume during the Lakers' bubble championship run which means he's also confirmed clutch.

Nearly two decades into his professional basketball career and his game continues to evolve.