Dwight Howard Keeps Moving Back on Free Throws and It's Getting Ridiculous

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Dwight Howard is a poor free-throw shooter. At age 35, it's unlikely he'll suddenly have a revelation and start shooting like Mark Price (look him up, kids). But that doesn't mean he shouldn't try to improve upon his 56 percent career form. People learn to do all types of things as they transition into their median years. Think of all those dads who have become naval experts or moms on Facebook who have unlocked the secret to multi-level marketing.

Howard, who is shooting under 53 percent this year and posted a 51.4 mark last season, has been gradually moving back from the 15-foot stripe. So far so that he's flirting with leaving the designated circle altogether.

Check out where he lined up last night for some freebies against Boston.

Doris Burke provided a possible explanation: that Howard's not allowed to fire jump shots from the top of the key a la Joel Embiid, so this is the closest he gets to the thrill.

Howard split his two attempts, which each counted for one point despite their increased distance. The exciting thing for both Sixers fans and neutral observers alike is that there's still some room to move back.

It's also official confirmation of what we've always known: poor free-throw shooters will try anything except the one thing that would help the most: shooting underhand.