Dusty Baker is the Perfect Hire For the Houston Astros

Stephen Douglas
Dusty Baker, new manager of the Astros
Dusty Baker, new manager of the Astros / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

The Houston Astros will reportedly hire Dusty Baker as their next manager. Baker will be in charge of cleaning up the Astros organization that has been tarnished by a high profile cheating scandal that resulted in a $5 million fine, lost draft picks, and the firing of A.J. Hinch.

This could work out quite nicely for Houston. Dusty Baker is universally liked and has the 15th most managerial wins in MLB history. He won a NL Pennant in 2002 and has taken four different franchises to the postseason, most recently when he took the Washington Nationals to two playoff appearances in two seasons. He's been working with the Giants organization for the last two seasons, so it's not like he's been out of baseball.

Baker gets a competitive roster. The Astros get a head start on an image makeover. It's win-win. Unless you're rooting against the cheating Astros.