Dusty Baker Says Aaron Judge Was 'Wrong' For Tugging Jersey on Home Run Trot

Stephen Douglas
Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve
Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve / Bob Levey/Getty Images

Aaron Judge homered on Saturday, giving Gerrit Cole just enough run support to beat the Houston Astros, 1-0. As Judge rounded third, he tugged on his jersey in a clear nod to Jose Altuve doing something similar after hitting a walk-off home run in game 7 of the 2019 ALCS.

There were conspiracy theories that Altuve was hiding some kind of device under his shirt, but Carlos Correa said he was hiding a bad tattoo. Altuve eventually showed the world his body art.

Even if the Yankees do know that Altuve has a tattoo, it hasn't changed the bad feelings they harbor towards Altuve and the Astros. Still, that doesn't excuse Judge's poor behavior according to Astros manager Dusty Baker who said what Judge did was "wrong."

Is this one of the dumbest things a baseball team could be upset by? Probably, which means it's very likely they are upset. It's too bad that Altuve, Correa and their teammates are skipping the All-Star game or they could say something to Judge's face about it.