Dustin Johnson Making a Pimento Cheese Sandwich Is Oddly Satisfying

Darren Carroll/Getty Images

Dustin Johnson doesn't exude the type of gregarious personality that we typically see in our celebrity chefs, which is an important element of the whole job because you can't sell the steak without a little personal sizzle. But after watching him put together a Masters classic — the pimento cheese sandwich — for Golf Digest and enjoying it, there may be a future here.

DJ looks as comfortable in the kitchen as he does on a par-5, which is to say his heart rate remains remarkably unremarkable.

Don't sleep on those strong arms. One needs those to fully mix all the fixins together. All of those hours out on the range and in the weight room definitely paid off. And that dark-green apron? A nice artistic touch.

The point here — if there is one — is that these 52 seconds of footage are oddly soothing. Perhaps winding down by watching Johnson make spinach enchiladas or french onion soup isn't the worst idea. Perhaps they can find a regional delicacy for him to tackle at every tour stop.

Might be something to all this.