No, Dustin Hoffman Was Not in 'Star Wars' (and Brad Pitt Was Not in 'Indiana Jones')

All The President'S Men
All The President'S Men / United Archives/GettyImages

A TikTok came across my desk yesterday purporting to be an incredible Easter Egg from both Star Wars and Seinfeld, two of the biggest pop cultural touchstones of all time. Brian Monarch, a comedian with some pretty good video editing skills had made a mind-blowing discovery: Dustin Hoffman really was in Star Wars.

This is, of course, not true. Monarch used the exact same format on a video just a few hours earlier where he was blown away to learn that Brad Pitt had a secret cameo in the first Indiana Jones movie. The Pitt video was an obvious deepfake, but the Hoffman video, devoid of context, had me searching the Internet.

No results found.

Eventually a look at Monarch's social media would show a penchant for video editing. Even if none of that existed though, you know the Hoffman thing isn't real because there is just no way we could have gone 45 years without knowing something like this about Star Wars. And it is 1000 percent impossible that the Internet would not have figured this out when Seinfeld randomly got involved.

Besides, how does this show Larry David getting "one up" on all of us? It would make Elaine's bet make zero sense. If this were true it would be much more likely that David didn't know about this. And again, someone would have pointed this out by now.

So don't be fooled. You can still trick people into going out on dates with you by betting that Dustin Hoffman was in Star Wars.