Duke, North Carolina Lose Home Games on Same Day for First Time Since 1973

Kyle Koster

Earlier this afternoon, North Carolina State went into Chapel Hill and emerged with a 95-91 overtime victory. A few hours later, Virginia squeaked by Duke, 65-63, at Cameron Indoor. If you’re thinking, hey, I bet it’s been a while since Duke and UNC both lost home games on the same day, your hunch is correct.

Before today, the last time it happened was February 21, 1973. On that day, North Carolina State beat the Blue Devils and Miami (Ohio) got the best of the Tar Heels.

To put that in perspective, this was before the designated hitter was adopted. Babe Ruth was still the all-time home run champ. The Sears Tower was still being built. And people weren’t sure what the whole Watergate mess would ultimately mean for Richard Nixon.

So, yeah, weird day.