The Duke-North Carolina 100-Year Anniversary Jerseys Are Regrettable

Kyle Koster
Coach K, refreshing this post.
Coach K, refreshing this post. / Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Duke and North Carolina first played basketball against each other in 1920. Over the last 100 years it's grown into, hands-down, the biggest and best rivalry in the sport. Nike has chosen to celebrate the anniversary by convincing the teams to wear these commemorative jerseys for tomorrow night's game.

Per the brand: "The body is covered in the programs’ respective tones of heathered blue. The front of the jerseys are characterized by the program logo and are absent of numbers, mirroring the teams' 1920 look. On the inside bottom hem of the jerseys are the Roman numerals MCMXX-MMXX, which translates to 1920-2020. A gold jock tag and gold ELITE tag on the neck signifies a special distinction: programs that have won at least one national championship as a Nike school."

It's important to try new things. It's also important to admit when you don't have to try them again.

Considering how the Tar Heels' season is going, they should be more excited about the dramatic change. Anything to alter the vibe would be a tremendous help.