Jalen Johnson Dunks All Over Clemson's P.J. Hall and Makes One of the Sweetest Sounds in Sports

Jalen Johnson
Jalen Johnson /

Duke played Clemson today in the college basketball realm. It was not a terribly notable affair until Jalen Johnson yammed all over Clemson's P.J. Hall. It was extremely awesome. As you can see.

It's not the biggest poster you'll ever see. Hall did not jump anywhere near high enough to make it that cool.

But that sound? It's the sound we think of when we imagine a basketball being flushed down. It is up there in the rankings of the purest sounds in sports. The crack of a bat when a baseball player hits it in just the right spot is also high on those rankings. The swish of a net when a shooter like Steph Curry drains a three is, too. So is the ping of a hockey puck going off the crossbar, although the feelings that sound inspires are altogether different than the previous listings.

Sports! A beautiful thing.