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Dude Misses His Own Proposal During Dolphins-Jets Game

Kyle Koster

Some dude attending the Miami Dolphins-New York Jets tilt yesterday decided it would be as romantic a place as any to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage. He made the appropriate arrangements to have their picture appear on the scoreboard during halftime so the Hard Rock Stadium faithful could share in the magical moment. Everything was going according to plan until an ill-fated trip to the concessions stand or restroom or something else ruined what could have otherwise been a life-defining moment.

Dolphins operation dutifully flashed the graphic for everyone to see and trained in-stadium cameras on the couple's seat only to reveal that our aspiring Romeo was nowhere to be found. His date was, however, in position to receive this unusual request without company.

A brutally bad beat. Money not well-spent. Though, if you're proposing during a regular-season NFL game, return on investment may not be your biggest problem. The guy eventually returned to his gobsmacked partner, hopefully with the nachos and beer requested.

Here's hoping she said yes and the marriage is as productive and fruitful as the one developing between Tua Tagovailo and the Dolphins. #RelationshipGoals.