Drunk Cardinals' Fan Tries to Fight Cubs' Fan Outside Wrigley, Keeps Falling Down

Stephen Douglas
Cardinal fan vs. gravity
Cardinal fan vs. gravity / Sydney Carty

This guy is drunk according to the YouTube link. The video was uploaded on Monday, so this “fight” took place during the Cardinals weekend series in Chicago against the Cubs. A drunken Cardinals fan has a problem with a Cubs fan. So first he puts up his dukes in the most idiotic fashion imaginable. Then he goes for the front kick, much like the one Travis Browne knocked out Alistair Overeem with over the weekend.

Only this one doesn’t go quite as well and he falls on his back and smacks his head off the sidewalk. Undeterred by shame or a likely concussion, he stands back up and takes a few more wild swings that completely miss. In the end, the Cubs fan wins with nothing more than a shove and the ability to walk a straight line.