'Today Show' Crew Very Excited About Drew Brees Joining NBC

Kyle Koster
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Drew Brees has retired from football to step into his second career as a broadcaster for NBC, a gameplan that's been known for almost a year now but was thrown into some jeopardy when the 40-something quarterback was seen aggressively CrossFitting on a residential street.

Brees made the official announcement as the network sent out a press release this morning indicating he'll serve as a studio analyst for Football Night in America and a booth analyst for Notre Dame football. Few receiving the email in their inboxes on the first Monday since the clocks sprung ahead will be able to be as excited about it as the Today Show crew, which welcomed Brees with open arms to the Peacock family.

This is probably a personal issue, but I am wondering if there's something I can ingest to make me feel like Hoda Kotb is capable of feeling at this early hour? If it's too extreme, perhaps the Craig Melvin plan will suffice. Usually when someone joins a company, they are lucky to get three responses on a reply-all situation.

Brees' success as a broadcaster is something NBC is very assured is certainty. It would be fair to say there's some wider skepticism because the player-turned-immediate-analyst thing has proven to not have a 100 percent success rate at the highest levels. But make no mistake: stepping into an entirely supportive situation will be a great help.