Drew Brees Struck By Cosmically Dumb Stunt

Kyle Koster
Chris Graythen/GettyImages

A video purporting to show Drew Brees being struck by lightning while filming a commercial in Venezuela went viral on Friday morning despite some pretty obvious clues that it was fake. Perhaps because PointsBet, which features Brees as a brand ambassador, sent out a tweet saying that they were monitoring the situation and it'd be really stupid if they were to pretend he was struck by lightning. But what people didn't account for is that we live in some strange times.

This caused serious Big J journalists to reach out and confirm that Brees did not receive a potentially fatal jolt of electricity to his system while trying to shill something in a thunderstorm. Which is good news — except for the bettors who had a future ticket banking on the future Hall of Fame quarterback being struck down from above.

As ideas go, this was certainly one.