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Draymond Green vs. Kendrick Perkins, Plus the IBLWM Week 9 Postgame Show

Kyle Koster

On one front we have the escalation of words between Draymond Green and Kendrick Perkins. On another we have the persistence of the Skip Bayless-Russell Westbrook back-and-forth. There is no doubt that these media beefs are entertaining. There's significant doubt, though, that they are a net positive for the ecosystem. Is it time for everyone involved to take a step back and chill out? Or is that an unreasonable? A look at where we're headed, which is toward a lot more hurt feelings.

Then, a chaotic Week 9 in the International Baseball League of West Michigan has yielded a tightly-packed playoff picture and increased excitement for the season's second half. A deep dive into the scores and storylines for the internet's most niche audience.