Draymond Green to LeBron James' 14-Year-Old Son: "I'm at Your F--king Neck This Summer"

Kyle Koster

Local father LeBron James and his wife begrudgingly decided to let their 14-year-old son join Instagram, knowing full well the cesspool that is social media and the undue heat any celebrity gets all day, every day.

Bronny James, an accomplished basketball player in his own right, opted for a very basic first post.

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“Hey IG”??

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Then the comments came rolling in. Most were completely unnecessary, a literal waste of everyone’s time. As of right now, there are more than 28,000 of them. People’s priorities are incredible.

A few were worthwhile. LaMelo Ball had something nice to say. Draymond Green, longtime foil of the elder James, went a different route.

Classic Draymond. All intensity, all the time.

Because I believe in the better angels of our nature, I choose to believe this is a motivational tactic and not trash talk. And as far as adults-commenting-on-teens-pictures goes, it could have been worse.

Still, at the same time, maybe take it down a few notches, man.