Draymond Green: The Nets Have the Best Offense We'll Ever See in the NBA

Ryan Phillips
Draymond Green on TNT
Draymond Green on TNT /

Draymond Green has joined TNT's Inside the NBA crew for the postseason and on Tuesday night he dropped a bit of a bomb. He claimed this year's edition of the Brooklyn Nets is the best offensive team in NBA history, and the best we'll ever see.

Green's argument makes some sense. I'm not going to rip this take, after all, Brooklyn boasts Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden, plus Joe Harris who led the NBA in 3-point percentage (47.5) this season. That's a loaded group, but is it the best offensive team of all-time? I'm not sure I can go there definitively.

I mean, Green himself was on a squad with Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. plus a wave of bench players who could all shoot. Their movement and ability to knock down shots from anywhere made the Warriors incredibly difficult to guard.

I guess if the Nets win a championship we can start having the discussion about them having the best offense ever. Until then, just know Green thinks it's true.