Draymond Green Was Ejected For Yelling at His Own Teammate


Draymond Green was ejected from Thursday's Golden State Warriors - New York Knicks game on TNT. Green picked up his second technical of the game in the second quarter after an official heard him yell, "F-ck that!" From there it was complete confusion.

It turns out that Draymond was actually yelling in the direction of teammate, James Wiseman. Green had just turned the ball over on a bad pass seconds earlier and yelled it as they ran back on defense.

Maybe the best part is the argument that followed the ejection. Green and teammates immediately tried to point out that he wasn't directing it at officials or any opponents. Steve Kerr asked if they could review the play. Can you imagine an official review for something like this? The NBA should really consider making swear words reviewable. There could be a whole dedicated NSFW channel on league pass.

Draymond only had two technical fouls on the season coming into this game. He's now back on track to finish the season with double-digit techs for the seventh consecutive season.