Draymond Green is Now a CNN Contributor and Had an Excellent First Appearance

Ryan Phillips
Draymond Green during an appearance on CNN
Draymond Green during an appearance on CNN /

Draymond Green was announced as a new CNN contributor on Friday and he made an appearance on The Lead with Jake Tapper. It was a really good showing from Green who gave insight into the NBA's strike this week and what the league's players are fighting for.

Here's what he had to say:

There's a lot of thoughtful stuff in there. Green has been adamant that the NBA season should not be shut down. He thinks the players would be surrendering their microphone if they all went home. Instead he thinks they should play on while continuing to fight for social and racial justice.

Green is clearly a thoughtful guy who has considered these issues deeply. His focus on voter suppression and the need for NBA players to continue contributing to their communities was especially effective.