Drake Trolled Klay Thompson On Instagram After Raptors Won Game 3


Drake did it again. After his Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, the rapper was back to trolling the Dubs.

After the game, he posted this photo to his Instagram story:

That’s an old photo of Klay Thompson shirtless with some women.

Obviously, Thompson didn’t play in Game 3 and that was likely a big part of the reason the Raptors were able to win 123-109. Golden State got 47 points from Stephen Curry and 17 from Draymond Green but couldn’t find anyone else to help out on offense. Thompson’s defense was also sorely missed.

This is the third game in a row where Drake had a run-in with a Golden State player. After Game 1 he was nose to nose with Green, and after Game 2 Thompson and Kevin Durant tossed shade in his direction.

We’ll be waiting to see what happens after Game 4.