Sean Payton Not High on Drake's NFL Potential

Drake / Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Drake announced a new album recently. It's a big deal for Drake fans. It also means we'll be seeing lots of Drake content across the timeline for the foreseeable future.

Such content appeared on Saturday, when a video of Drake running a route went viral.

Putting aside how unbelievably pixelated the video is, Drake didn't really bust it to get open for his QB. Jogging through his routes like Randy Moss in Oakland. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, prone to the occasional Twitter adventure, chimed in.

While I have no idea what the photo is supposed to be, that's a brutal comeback by the head coach. Someone then asked his rating for Drake's route-running skills, and he noted he felt the rapper might be better off as a strong safety.

Four might be generous, but that is why Drake makes music and isn't lining up at the Z to catch passes from Drew Brees every Sunday.