Drake Cursed Lamar Jackson in New Music Video

Brian Giuffra
Drake rapping.
Drake rapping. / George Pimentel/Getty Images

Drake has established himself as one of the best rappers of this generation, a pop culture icon and one of the greatest jinxes in sports history. Sadly for him, 2019 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson is his latest victim.

In his new music video, which dropped on Feb. 29, Drake is seen wearing a Jackson shirt while walking down a mirror-lined staircase inside a mansion. Below are the music video (fast forward to 3:22 to see the Jackson moment) and a photo of the infamous scene when Drake cursed Jackson.

Simply devastating.

While everything before this is obviously meant in a joking manner, the fact is Drake wearing your jersey or supporting you hasn't been a great thing in the past. He's cursed the Maple Leafs, Warriors, Alabama, Connor McGregor, Johnny Manziel and Kentucky in the past by either wearing their gear on a big game day, which they lost, or by putting them into a rap. Of course he was a big presence during the Raptors' championship run last year, so perhaps things are changing. But if I'm Lamar Jackson or a Lamar Jackson fan, I'm nervous right now.