Drake Won $355K Betting on Drake London to Be First Wide Receiver Drafted

Mark Blinch/GettyImages

Drake, who is a fan of every team when convenient, has an understandable connection with Drake London, the star wideout from USC. They have the same name! Drake! Actually the musical Drake's given moniker is Aubrey. But there is no Aubrey expected to be called in the first round of the NFL Draft so compromises had to be made.

Anyway, Drake used his considerable bank roll to place a bet on London being the first wide receiver off of the board tonight. London was the third-most likely to earn the honor in the sportsbook world and the ultimate winner in real life, thanks to the Atlanta Falcons' desire to line him up next to Kyle Pitts for maximum aerial attack.

And because every bettor knows that you post your wins and pretend the loses didn't happen, Drake took to Instagram to post the evidence.

It won't totally make up for the Toronto Raptors getting housed at home and banished into elimination, yet it could dull the pain a bit. I am also just realizing what a moron I am for not employing a similar strategy. We are in the Golden Age of Athlete Kyles and there's money to be made.