Drake Attends Raptors Championship Parade With Nine Security Guards

Liam McKeone

Drake has become nearly as notorious as a Toronto Raptors superfan than he is as a rapper. Nearly. In any case, Drake was obviously going to attend the team’s championship parade and hang out on the buses that will bring the team around the city, showing off the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Of course, at such an event and with his stature, Drake wasn’t going at it alone. In fact, he had no less than nine security guards surrounding him on his way up to the buses.

This is no shock, don’t get me wrong, but it is rather amusing to see security guards backing up security guards backing up security guards. Even in a city that loves him with all their heart, Drake is simply too famous for such an event.

The downfalls of fame. Then again, he’s on the bus with Kawhi Leonard, so it’s a trade-off most would make.