Get a Load of This DraftKings User Electoral Map Where 49 States Predict Donald Trump Will Win

Kyle Koster
Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

First there was Nate Silver. Then the New York Times' four election needles. The mainstream number-crunchers and election forecasters walked so over 350,000 DraftKings entries could run. Or at least predict a somewhat surprising victory for the incumbent tomorrow night.

Take me away to a faraway place, oh tweet that raises so many questions about the methodology ...

This some pretty widespread confidence in a man who is not favored in any sportsbook right now. To see every state except Colorado "think" this, well, it's just unbelievable. Does the DraftKings' California clientele differ that much from the electorate. New York too? Washington? Oregon? Hawaii?

Okay! Pretty revealing stuff about who is using the site.

Come tomorrow night or the weekend or in several years when the litigation ends, the daily fantasy sports/betting enthusiasts in the Centennial State are going to either have some bragging rights or will be getting it from 49 different directions.