DraftKings Takes Away Jade From the Bachelor's $1 Million Daily Fantasy Prize Amidst Cheating Accusations

Liam McKeone
Jade Roper Tolbert, no longer a DraftKings winner
Jade Roper Tolbert, no longer a DraftKings winner / Araya Diaz/Getty Images

In a milestone moment for DraftKings, the site has taken Jade Roper Tolber's $1 million prize amidst a cheating scandal that rocked the daily fantasy world earlier this month.

"Rocked" is admittedly a little strong, but it was indeed quite the story. For those who missed it, Jade and her husband won the $1 million prize in a daily fantasy contest for DraftKings in early January. But after some investigation by internet detectives, it became clear the pair manipulated the system to win. How they managed to do so is beyond my understanding, but do so they did.

As Darren Rovell notes, this is the first time a million-dollar winner has had their prize money taken away. We can only hope DraftKings can recover and move on from the situation.