I Can't Stop Watching Doug Pederson Doing Whatever This Is to a Water Bottle

Kyle Koster

When the Philadelphia Eagles hired Doug Pederson before the 2016 season, they found themselves on the bottom of multiple internet listicles ranking the new coaching hires. Every single person above him on those has since been terminated. Pederson has gone 38-26, made the playoffs in three consecutive years, and won a Super Bowl with his backup quarterback.

He may, in fact, be underrated. That's up for discussion.

What is not debatable is how compelling the man is as a physical actor. Watch what he can do with a water bottle as a background character.

I am unclear what any of that was. But it made me feel good. It transported me to a place of great joy. Allowed me to turn off my brain and just give into the moment. Probably going to watch it 23 more times.