Doug Marrone Would Like Someone Else to Answer a Jalen Ramsey Question For Once

Kyle Koster
New Orleans Saints v Jacksonville Jaguars
New Orleans Saints v Jacksonville Jaguars / James Gilbert/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Marrone has been peppered with Jalen Ramsey questions all season. That hasn't stopped, even with the cornerback being dealt to the Los Angeles Rams where, hopefully, his injuries heal miraculously. The Jags coach grew understandably frustrated with the topic during his press availability today because, well, personnel moves aren't in his wheelhouse.

There really isn't much subtext to study here. The people who can address the issue are further up on the food chain and a very limited group. One of them is named Tom Coughlin. It certainly would be nice for Marrone and his assembled friends in the press to get a chance to quiz someone with some insight on the topic.

Long story short: it is in no way surprising that Marrone wants someone else to step up to the microphone and take this off his plate. It is a bit surprising he would say as much into a microphone.